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Article • July 3, 2014

Get Easy Access to the Best GIFs

Nutmeg is an iOS app for texting GIFs

Let’s talk “LOL.” Yes, it’s efficient, serviceable, and iconic. But it’s also dry, overdone, and usually a flat-out lie.

Step up your text message reaction game with Nutmeg – an ingenious free iPhone app that sends animated GIFs to contacts to replace your run-of-the-mill acronyms.

Nutmeg holds an expertly curated gallery of reaction GIFs for every purpose. You have Kanye chuckling in the “HAHAHA” category, Stephanie Tanner for times of rudeness, and of course there’s Ryan Gosling doing Ryan Gosling things (that’s filed under “When You Don’t Know What To Say But You Need To Say Something”).

Just tap the GIF you want and Nutmeg will drop it into an iMessage. Then sit back and wait for your Nutmeg-less correspondent to helplessly gape at your comedic one-upmanship.

LOLs will be had (really).