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Article • July 11, 2014

Get Out of Debt with the Help of One App

ReadyForZero analyzes your debt and creates a plan to get rid of it

Average student loan debt: $33,607

Average mortgage debt: $153,365

Average credit card debt: $15,191

Overall, Americans owe nearly $12 trillion. And while paying it off isn’t easy, ReadyForZero has smart strategies for getting you out of debt honestly.

Just sync your credit card, mortgage, and loan accounts to ReadyForZero and the gears start turning. The free app – available online or on the App Store – analyzes your debt sources and payment plans, plus your interest load and how far you are from paying it all off.

But ReadyForZero is more than a dashboard: It also creates a personalized payment strategy and monitors your income to make suggestions about how and when to take tactical bites from your balance by paying bills on time and attacking higher-interest debt.

Plus, the premium plan lets you track your credit score and make payments straight from the app.

It’s time you got reacquainted with that beautiful number: zero.