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Article • July 21, 2014

Get Your Steady Diet of News

WatchUp is a video news stream for iOS, Android, Amazon, and more

News junkies beware: Your addiction is about to get worse.

For that you’ll be blaming Watchup, an iOS and Android app that allows you to create your very own cable news show.
Tell Watchup the subjects you’re interested in and it begins building a feed of video content from various sources. You can request stuff like Politics (from The Washington Post), technology (CNET), sports (ESPN), or even humor (Conan).

Once you’re acquainted, Watchup becomes an ever-ready stream that you can watch newscast-style with segments from all of your interests sequenced together. The more you watch, the more tailored your content becomes.
The app can serve as your alarm, so you can wake up to your newscast at a scheduled time. And Watchup has even developed an app for Google Glass, so you can have news in your face at all times.
Talk about being a news junkie.