Sight - Netted
Article • July 23, 2014


Sight Saves Articles with a Screenshot

This is your face when you lose service and your phone reloads the article you were reading.

This is your face when you try figuring out how to save stuff for reading offline.

The fact is you should be able to finish your reads when and where you want. And Sight – an iOS app – is a brand new and insanely easy way to do just that.

Simply install the Sight app then go about reading articles however you normally do – either in your browser or within other apps. If you find something you want to finish later, just take a screenshot by pressing the Home and Sleep buttons at the same time.

Later on – whether you’re on a subway or submarine – open Sight and every article you’ve taken a screenshot of is there in fully mobile-optimized fashion.

Your face when you use Sight.