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Article • August 4, 2014

Let Your Homescreen Anticipate Your Digital Desires

Aviate is an Android launcher that automatically tailors itself to your needs

How do you know when you really know someone? It’s like you share thoughts, anticipate one another’s feelings, and even finish each other’s… sandwiches.

That’s pretty much what life is like with Aviate, a customized, predictive Android homescreen from Yahoo that seems to know what you want before you do.

Like all good relationships, Aviate begins by getting to know you. Tell it what apps you use most and what topics you’re interested in. Then Aviate (seemingly) disappears.

As if by magic, your Droid starts predicting your wants and needs. When you wake up, Aviate tells you how long you slept and what your day holds, and it updates you on weather and traffic.

Go to work and Aviate surfaces your work apps. Plug in your headphones and – voila – your music apps appear.

And if you are thinking sandwiches, Aviate will bring up restaurant recommendations.

Yeah, it’s that good.