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Article • August 8, 2014

Get Stuff Done on Your Schedule

Swipes is an integrated to-do list app for iOS, Android, web, and OSX

The secret to beating procrastination? Set goals, avoid distractions, and – above all – don’t wait until tomorrow to overcome procrastination.

Here to whip you into shape is Swipes, a to-do list app that lets you schedule tasks, assign them tags (like “work” or “family”), add extra notes and details, and more.

Scheduling task reminders is as easy as swiping left – and swiping right marks them completed. Need to rearrange your list? Hold tasks down to move them around.

Swipes even syncs with Evernote and can extract any outstanding to-dos you have floating around there. And if you must procrastinate, Swipes has Mailbox-style reminders (also used by Callism and Tempo) so you can tackle tasks when convenient.

The app is available for iOS, and though it’s in beta for Android our pals at Swipes are letting the first 350 Netted readers who sign up get instant access.

There’s nothing to it but to do it.