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Article • August 22, 2014

Put All Your Important Numbers in One Place

Numerous is an iOS and Android app for keeping track of data

There are 303 days left until summer 2015. It’s 76 degrees in New York. The 30-year mortgage rate is at 4.38 percent.

Life. It’s all about numbers. So go check out Numerous, an iOS and Android app that lets you create a dashboard of the numbers you care about.

Like what? Anything really. Think: birthday countdowns, the UV index, your Twitter follower count, whatever. Numerous even integrates with IFTTT and Zapier so you can load numbers from apps (like Gmail and Evernote) and devices (Fitbit, WeMo, etc.). Plus you can subscribe to other users’ numbers and/or create your own to share publicly, just with friends, or with no one.

Numerous is so customizable that you can set notifications just for changes to specific numbers. Also cool? If you want graphical representations of your favorite digits (and who doesn’t!), flip your device to landscape mode for interactive, shareable charts.

There are three seconds until you get Numerous (3… 2… 1…).