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Article • August 25, 2014

This App Practically Packs Your Bags For You

PackPoint is an iOS and Android app for telling you want needs to go in your suitcase

You knew you forgot something and – oh crap, it was the phone charger.
It’s the no-brainers that you always neglect to pack. But instead of wracking your brain, download –
PackPoint starts out with a quick, not TSA-feeling survey to determine your gender, destination, length of trip, and what you’re planning on doing there.
The app then comes back with a suggested packing list. Swipe a suggestion to the left to remove it from the list; tap to add anything that may be missing.
But the recommendations are pretty thorough: clothing based on the weather, accessories based on activities (“don’t forget business cards”), amount of underwear based on the trip duration, and a standard checklist of travel must-haves.
Like, you know, your cell phone charger.