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Article • August 27, 2014

Put a Doctor in Your Hands with One App

First Opinion is an iOS app that gets you advice from a real doctor

Let’s state the obvious: If you’re feeling sick, you need to consult a doctor. And not Dr. Google.

Here to assure you that your stomachache is not something you picked up from watching Prometheus last night is First Opinion, a medical advice app for iOS that puts you in touch with real, vetted, non-search engine doctors in minutes.

First Opinion matches you with one doctor who you can text through the app any time of day. Each doctor comes with a full bio and photo and is guaranteed to respond within 24 hours (though most users hear back within nine minutes).

Plus, it’s totally free. (You can upgrade to a premium version for answers within 5 minutes or less.)

While the app obviously can’t replace your real-world doctor, it’s a great way to talk to a medical professional without sitting in a waiting room or shelling out a co-pay.

Now… step away from Google.