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Article • August 28, 2014

Create Custom Emojis on the Fly

The Imoji app for Android and iOS lets you make custom messaging stickers

Emoji (n) – the ubiquitous smileys and symbols your cousin Mikey won’t stop sending you in texts.

Imoji (n) – your way to one up Mikey and everyone else by creating emojis of your own face (and more) that you’re free to text to your <3’s content.

Using the iOS or Android app, simply take, upload, or import the image you want (a selfie, a photo of your cat, whatever), and use Imoji’s outlining feature to isolate it. Then just choose whether to make your Imoji-made emoji public or private, and it gets added to an at-the-ready library for your texting pleasure.

This means that instead of searching around for an appropriately “amazed” emoji for Beyonce’s VMA performance, you can just make your own. Or make an Imoji of this puppy when you’re feeling cute. Or pass on the Kobe Face when you’re pissed.

Cousin Mikey will be all like :-O !