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Article • September 2, 2014

Automatically Organize Your Photos and Videos

MyRoll is a smart gallery app for iOS and Android

Some people compulsively organize their phones: videos into playlists, photos into albums, all arranged just so.

Good for them.

For the rest of us there’s MyRoll, an iOS and Android app that automatically organizes your photos and videos.

MyRoll begins by analyzing your gallery to determine which pictures are most important. (And – unlike your camera roll – the more you use MyRoll, the more it understands which photos and videos are most important to you.)

The app then creates “moments” – groups of photos and videos that were taken within a certain timeframe. It weeds out the blurry shots and tags each with the date and location. You can share moments privately via email or text or upload entire albums to Facebook.

Want to make one big mega-moment (like a weeklong vacation)? Simply pinch moments together to combine them.

So you can have things arranged just so.