Timeful - Netted
Article • September 4, 2014


Reorganize Your Life and Schedule with Timeful

Hey, how busy are you these days: “super busy,” “crazy busy,” or “insanely busy”? Whatever your answer, we’re here to help lighten your load (or at least make it feel lighter).

Start by downloading Timeful, an iOS app (Android soon!) that learns about your schedule and organizes your life.

Timeful is a unique scheduling app in that it focuses on three areas: events, to-dos, and habits. When you launch Timeful it syncs with your calendars, gets info on your work and sleep schedule, and takes notes on to-dos you need to accomplish (e.g., call Mom) and habits you’d like to form (like, floss or meditate).

It then uses that knowledge to create your perfect schedule. The more you use Timeful, the better it gets at suggesting when to tackle tasks. You can even decide how often it makes such suggestions using the Suggestion Frequency bar in the app’s settings.

You’ll get back to being regular “busy” in no time.