Investigate Your Neighborhood - Netted
Article • September 5, 2014

Investigate Your Neighborhood

AddressReport is a website that analyzes the area around an address

How well do you know your home? Your block? Your building? Since most folks can’t even name their neighbors, we bet you have plenty to learn.

AddressReport is here to reintroduce you to your neighborhood. This handy site will tell you everything about your building, block, and more.

Tell AddressReport where you live and it gives you stats on everything else: stuff like local crime, the number of recent construction projects, your area’s flood risk, plus a roster of noise, filth, and street quality complaints.

It’s not just for bad news though: AddressReport also tallies local grocery stores, gyms, and pharmacies. And it offers up cool stats on things like your lobby’s typical elevator wait time, your neighbors’ political leanings, what commuting is like in your ‘hood, and more.

Plus, for a nominal fee AddressReport can disclose what your neighbors are paying for their places and other in-depth info.

It’s enough to make you want to sing.