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Article • September 8, 2014

Cook New Recipes or Tease Your Tastebuds

Cookbooth is a recipe creation and browsing app for iOS and Android

Isn’t it amazing how a simple picture of delicious food sets your mouth a-watering? It’s such a powerful phenomenon that whole communities have formed around it.

Well feast your eyes upon Cookbooth. One serving Julia Child and a helping of Instagram, Cookbooth is a recipe app for iOS and Android that doubles as a tantalizing gallery of scrumptious food by professional and amateur chefs alike.

Use Cookbooth to browse through and create step-by-step, photo-based recipes. Add your list of ingredients and photos for each step to show serving sizes, preparation techniques, and the glorious final product.

Cookbooth lets you publish your own recipes into different “books” (say, “Cocktails” or “Desserts”) and follow top cooks to pick up new tricks and stash away their best recipes for future use.

Pro tip: Try to refrain from licking your phone.