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Article • September 10, 2014

Donate Your Calories to Food Banks

FoodTweeks is an iOS and Android app for helping others and your health

On Monday we introduced you to the indulgent food pics of Cookbooth. Now that you’ve salivated over those and perhaps attempted a recipe or two of your own… let’s talk cutting calories.

Don’t worry – we aren’t suggesting some troglodyte-inspired diet fad. We’re talking about FoodTweeks, an iOS and Android app that not only helps you eat healthier but also turns the calories you save into food bank contributions.

All you need to do is tell FoodTweeks what you’re thinking of eating, and it makes a couple recommendations about how to cut some calories (try that Whopper without the mayo, for example). From there you just choose which “tweek” works for you and FoodTweeks makes a donation to a local food bank equivalent to the number of calories you saved.

Plus you can even double or triple your donation by sharing about your “tweeks” on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s a win-win.