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Article • September 11, 2014

Make Your Selfies Magazine-Ready

FaceTune is a face-focused photo-editing app for iOS and Android

If you ask us, real beauty is on the inside. Unfortunately, that’s not as easy to capture in selfies.

For those and other pictures where you want to put your best face forward, there’s Facetune – an app that lets you fix imperfections in your photos on the fly.

Facetune is a photo-editing app for iOS, Android, and Windows ($2.99; or $3.99 for iPads) that’s stocked with tools to clean up, emphasize, and reshape your visage. It erases wrinkles, blotches, and dark circles from your skin, whitens your teeth, accentuates your eyes or lips, and even fills in bald spots.

Plus, you don’t need an extensive Photoshop background to use it. Facetune comes to the table with a full set of tutorials so you not only know how to touch up photos, but also how to exhibit some artistry with filters and other effects.

It’s a good way to show off the goods at their good-est.