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Article • September 17, 2014

Shuttle Files and Messages Between Devices

PushBullet is an inter-device communication app for iOS, Android, Chrome, and more

You want to send a file from your work computer to your home computer, or from your phone to your tablet, or from your browser to your friend’s phone. What do you do?

You could attach it in an email, or drop it in the cloud and search for it later. Or you could send it from point A to B instantly with Pushbullet.

Pushbullet lets you send files between devices with a simple click. Using a Google account just register your iOS or Android device, Windows computer (Mac soon), and Firefox or Chrome browser, and you’ll have a pipeline for those files that used to clog your inbox.

Plus, Pushbullet now connects with IFTTT which means you can set up notifications for any number of things – like, specific stock prices, or when a particular friend posts to Instagram, or if you miss a call.

It’s the best tool you never knew you needed.