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Article • September 19, 2014

Find the Best Prices with One Browser Extension

ShopGenius is a Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE extension for finding the best deals

Everyone needs “that friend.” You know, the one who stops you before you buy something and tells you where to get it for less.

ShopGenius is that friend.

ShopGenius is a Chrome extension that finds coupons and customer reviews for products you shop for online, as well as other Web retailers selling those same products.

Install the extension from the site or the Chrome Store and start shopping. When you’re on a product page, click the ShopGenius icon in your browser and the plugin will show reviews from around the Web, plus an extensive listing of other sites selling what you want to buy so you can get the best deal.

Not only does ShopGenius work with over 10,000 stores online like Target, Amazon, and Sephora, it also presents its results within the context of your Google searches. And it claims to have already saved users over $17 million.

Now that’s a good friend.