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Article • September 26, 2014

Use This App to Diagnose Your Phone Addiction

Checky is an iOS and Android app for keeping track of how often you check your phone

Phone Addiction Red Flag Test

Do you ever:

  1. Think you hear your phone when no one’s calling?
  2. Wonder where your phone is… while using it?
  3. Not remember the last time you turned it off?
  4. All of the above.

You could wait until you can buy this thing. Or you could get Checky, the iPhone and Android app that counts how often you check your phone (it’s probably worse than you think).

Leave the app running and Checky tracks each time you unlock your phone. You can visit the app periodically for your stats and even see a map showing your checks by location.

Checky comes from the illustrious creators of (one of our favorite Netteds last year), and is endorsed by some of the nation’s foremost thinkers. Like, it aims to help you regain focus and achieve peace.

Step away from the center button for once and center your mind.