Inventory Your Cluttered Cloud - Netted
Article • September 29, 2014

Inventory Your Cluttered Cloud

Unclouded is an Android app for managing your cloud storage

Your personal cloud can start to feel like the boxes cluttering your attic: You’re not sure what’s in them, or what you’re holding on to, and yet there they are.

Unclouded is here to take inventory. This Android app sifts through your cloud storages to help you discover what’s there, what doesn’t need to be there, and how to clean up the joint without wasting a Saturday afternoon.

Link your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts to Unclouded (BOX and OneDrive are in the works), and the app will do a quick analysis of how you’re using your space – what percentage of your limits you’re using per cloud, etc.

Unclouded is coolest at its most granular. It’ll show you storage by categories (video, images, apps, and beyond), help you browse everything down to individual photos, and even surface your duplicates so you can free up space.

What you do with the cleared room is up to you.