Acompli - Netted
Article • October 2, 2014


Simplify Your Email Workload with Acompli

You know how it’s so easy with mobile email to share your schedule and location info, send attachments, and access a full list of your files all in one screen?

Oh, you don’t know that? Well it’s time you met Acompli. This iOS and Android mailbox app takes the work out of mobile email by merging all the tools you need to get things done.

First, Acompli creates two inboxes: “Focused” for important emails and “Other” for everything else (like, promotions). It also lets you create filters for specific contacts and reschedule emails to resurface at a better time.

But that’s not all: Need to share your availability? Tap the calendar icon to drop a meeting time into an email. Running late? One tap will share your precise location.

Acompli even lassos your cloud, organizing all files emailed to you, and syncing with Drive, Dropbox, and Onedrive for sharing and quick access.

Now you know. Aren’t you glad?