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Article • October 8, 2014

Save Your Bills From Late Fees

Check is bill management app for Android, iOS, and more

Despite the strongly written letters, nagging emails, and angry calls, billers love it when you’re late. Why? Those sweet, sweet late fees.

Check is here to ruin their day. Not only does this app make sure you never miss a bill, you can pay any business, right from the app.

Check is a bill management app for Android and iPhone devices that syncs with all the services that take bites from your paychecks. It’s owned by Intuit (they also own Mint and TurboTax), a company that knows how to count its change.

Sync your providers, credit cards, banks, and other services to Check. You can then get reminders about when bills are due, pay them immediately, or schedule payment for later. Watch how bills change over time and track your funds.

Since Check tracks all your bills and payment methods, you never risk overdrawing your bank account or credit card, or missing payments.

Ruining somebody’s day never felt so good.