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Article • October 9, 2014

The Essential Foodie App

Tastemade is a food video network available on iOS, Android, Roku, and Apple TV

Apple chutney pork loin. Cadbury Crème Egg milkshake. Beer-braised saffron carrots.

To quote the expert on this topic, “The only word for it is…”

For all the mouthwatering cuisine your browser can handle, fire up Tastemade, your hub for food videos that will make you salivate.

Think of Tastemade like a Turducken – it’s delicious food, inside TV station, inside an app. It brings together delectable YouTube channels and food videos from around the web to one scrumptious place for an almost unlimited menu of restaurant tours and insanely delicious food.

Watch professional chefs, like Warren Nash and Dani Spies, cook incredible meals from scratch. Talented amateur chefs can use the site’s iPhone and Android apps to watch all this content, or join the community to create and share dishes and recipes of their own. Plus, use the app to discover and explore top restaurants in your area.

It’s so appetizing, that you may find yourself at a loss for words.