Forest – Anti-Procrastination App | Netted
Article • October 10, 2014

Clear Your Distractions by Planting Virtual Trees

Forest is a productivity app for iOS, Android, Windows, and Chrome that plants trees if you focus

A tree is being saved as you read this.

A tiny, adorable, completely digital tree.

We’re talking about Forest, a tiny productivity app for the iPhone, Android, Windows, and Chrome that asks you to pay attention to a task by leaving your phone alone for a half hour, or the tiny sapling on your screen dies.

Think of Forest like a Tomagatchi for focus. Open the app and click the timer to start growing your tree. If you bail, it dies. Last the whole half hour and you can add your tree to a field, which becomes a little grove, and eventually (you guessed it), a forest.

Of course, if you want to save a real tree, there are great options out there. But to grow your virtual tree, you’ll need focus, patience, and a healthy break from your (perhaps) unhealthy phone addiction. It also might mess up your Checky streak.

So if you want to save a tree, kill your distractions.