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Article • October 20, 2014

Message Safely Between Any Device for Free

Telegram is a fast, secure messaging app for iOS, Android, Windows, and more

Everybody from your grandma to your gardener has heard the news: Messaging apps are hot.

But to stand out in that group, you have to be more than hot. You have to be fast, safe, powerful, available on any device…

Basically, you have to be Telegram.

Telegram is a messaging app for Android, iOS, Windows Phone – (deep breath) – Mac Computers, Windows, Linux, and, if you’ve somehow found another platform, it works in your browser.

Since it’s cloud-based, there’s no limit to message length and you can share media of any size (videos, photos, locations, whatever). It syncs messages across all your devices… and it’s completely free, with no ads.

It’s also totally private, even letting you set self-destruct timers on messages. The folks at Telegram are so confident with their encryption that they bet users $200,000 nobody could hack it. Let’s just say they kept the money.

Being hot is one thing. But being cool, too? Now we’re talking.