Make Shopping Like Scrolling Through Instagram - Netted
Article • October 21, 2014

Make Shopping Like Scrolling Through Instagram

Spring is a beautiful shopping app for iOS and Android

What happens when you see an outfit you like on your phone? There’s some squinting at tags, sketchy Google searching – you’ll be lucky if you ever find the piece you’re looking for.

You should just be able to buy it, right? That’s the idea behind Spring: browse brands you like, right on your phone Instagram-style, and buy.

Actually, let’s back up a bit. Spring is a mobile shopping app built on the Twitter model. Follow clothing, lifestyle, and beauty brands you like and the app creates a stream of all their new products. You can view details, save picks, and of course buy anything you like right in the app.

Plus, Spring broadens your horizons with a discover tab featuring guides and new arrivals, a browse tab that shows you the apps most popular articles, and a shops tab to help you discover your next favorite brand.

Look, like, buy. It’s that simple.