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Article • October 23, 2014

Store Infinite Photos and Videos in the Cloud

Shutter is an iOS camera app that lets you take as many pictures as you want

That dreaded moment when you’re about to capture a possible UFO sighting, your child’s first steps, or incontrovertible evidence that 2Pac is alive…

And then you see this.

You start frantically searching for things to delete. Stop the madness and download Shutter, the iPhone camera with infinite storage.

Shutter is a camera for your phone that automatically backs all your photos and videos to the cloud. The app securely stores your footage as soon as it’s recorded, syncs older files from your camera, and keeps your last 200 photos and videos handy on your phone. You can even save movies and TV shows to watch later on any device.

That “infinite storage” thing? It’s real. Invite five friends to join Shutter and you can take as many mobile photos and videos as you want. Plus, storing hundreds of gigabytes of photos from your other devices is really cheap.

Family members, stargazers, and rap fans everywhere will thank you.