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Article • October 24, 2014

Entertain Your Friends with Audiovisual Mashups

See Hear Party is a web app for making crazy GIF and music combinations

Magical things can happen with just three words. “Rinse, lather, repeat” – suddenly, you’re clean. Say, “I love you” and you’re hitched. In fact, three words can take you anywhere in the world.

Now practice these three: See, Hear, Party.

See, Hear, Party is a memorable formula, but when combined, it creates something very different, and often hard to explain.

Here’s how it works: click the logo, name fewer than four things you’d like to see, and one genre of music you’d like to hear. Then click the “party” button, and you’ll be served a randomized audiovisual experience based on your criteria that’s hard to wrap your brain around.

The brainchild of game designer Peter Javidpour, See Hear Party brings together Netted favorites Soundcloud and Giphy to create virtually unlimited combinations. Ever wondered how it would feel to see GIFs of Drake, sandwiches, and kittens over dubstep? Well now’s your chance to find out.

Here’s three more words: Just try it.