Turn Your Texts Over to the Analysts - Netted
Article • October 28, 2014

Turn Your Texts Over to the Analysts

Pull is an Android app for figuring out what your text messages really mean

Texts seem simple, yet they raise many questions.

“Why are you taking so long to respond?”

“How long should you wait to text back?”

“What do you really mean by ‘K’?”

Do texts have deeper meanings? Pull thinks so. This Android app scientifically analyzes your text message conversations, and brings in top experts to help you interpret what’s going on.

And by top experts, we mean your friends. Use Pull as a text client, or let it pull from your text app in the background. When you have a conversation you feel is in need of a second opinion, use Pull to secretly send the comments in question to any friend.

Pull also furnishes you with the cold, hard facts you need to decipher those texts’ deeper meanings. The app analyzes your text history to show you how often your text first relative to specific contacts, and how long it takes to get a response.

Maybe things aren’t so complicated, after all.