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Article • October 30, 2014

Turn Your Photobooks into Stories

Tapsule for iOS and Android creates shareable storytelling albums

We’ve all got a story to tell. And we’d all prefer it if that story didn’t clog up our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds.

That’s why we have Tapsule, the perfect place to create albums alone or with your friends you can share anywhere.

Tapsule is a photo and video platform all about storytelling. Upload your content, put it in order to tell a narrative, add subtitles, and touch everything up.

You can even create albums that friends can contribute to, and then pass them around your social networks like time capsules (get it?) of your escapades friends can comment on.

Tapsule’s big strength is how shareable it is. Once your Tapsule is created, you can send it out on Facebook, Twitter, email, and text. Send anyone the link, and they can instantly relive your adventures in Cannes, seeing Britney in Vegas, or kicking it with Rihanna in a grocery store.

Tell your story, photo by photo, video by video.