Type On Any of Your Devices - Netted
Article • November 3, 2014

Type On Any of Your Devices

The Logitech K480 is a universal keyboard that can switch between your smartphone, tablet, and computer

Act I

Larry gets an IM from Ruth. He blithely chats away, before getting texted on his phone. “It’s okay, Larry,” he says, a bead of sweat forming on his brow. “You got this.” He reaches to unlock it with his free hand, when he is blindsided: an email on his tablet. “But,” he sputters, “I only have two hands.”


Act II

A box arrives in the mail. Larry opens it with his trembling, overworked hands. It’s the Logitech K480, the $49 Bluetooth-enabled keyboard that will surmount his text-based limitations, once and for all.



Larry enables Bluetooth on his phone, tablet, and computer. Suddenly, he has been given superpowers: The flick of a dial (or is it a digital crown?) toggles the keyboard between different devices. One second he’s typing on his computer, and in a flash he’s texting on his tablet.


Act IV

Larry texts Ruth from his Logitech, “I am a god.”