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Article • November 5, 2014

Read Only the News You Care About Most

Pipes is an iOS app for tailored news

Obamacare. Crimea. Lebron to Cleveland. Ebola. Germany vs. Brazil. Malala. Disappearing aircrafts. Pope Francis. Gaza. SpaceX. Sochi. Richard Sherman. Hong Kong. Beyonce.

Is this a preview of the 2014 version of “We Didn’t Start the Fire?” Not exactly.

This is your life with Pipes, a news app that tracks, filters, and organizes breaking news on the stories that matter most to you, in real time.

When you sign up for Pipes, the field is wide open. You decide what topics you want to stay informed about. Enter your search terms to the app, whether its an unfolding story in world politics, a company or region you have particular interest in, or a public figure or celebrity you want to stay on top of.

And just so you stay on top of everything important, Pipes has a “Top Stores” stream that’s constantly refreshed to keep you in the loop, even when you didn’t know you wanted to be.

It’s always burning.