Take a Break from Your Phone - Netted
Article • November 7, 2014

Take a Break from Your Phone

OffTime filters your iOS or Android device so you can relax without distractions

You may joke that you’re addicted to your phone.

But what if you really are?

Do you look at it first thing when you wake up? Do you absent-mindedly reopen apps just after you use them? Have you tried to pinch-zoom a real photo?

You need a phone-cation, and OffTime is here to give it to you.

OffTime is an iOS and Android app that helps reduce phone usage in a way that works for you. It offers filters that keep notifications and distractions under control.

Take “Unplugging,” for example. With this setting, OffTime mutes notifications, blocks your apps, sends an auto-reply to blocked mobile numbers, and holds your messages until you’re ready. Others include “Focused Work,” “Family,” or you can create your own.

OffTime is customizable, too. Let the app know if certain contacts should still be able to reach you. Plus, it’ll take notice of how much you use your phone so you can watch your progress.

Now, back away from the phone