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Article • November 10, 2014

Get Your Groceries Delivered

The Instacart app on web, iOS, or Android will bring groceries right to your door

Ah, the supermarket. It drives us to throw tantrums, write wistful punk songs, and make profound proclamations on the state of being.

Thankfully, it also drove somebody to help us avoid it altogether. That’s right: Get your groceries from your supermarket delivered right to your door in under an hour from Instacart.

Hop on Instacart’s site, or iPhone and Android apps to tell it where you are and it’ll immediately list your best local grocery stores, like Whole Foods, Costco, and Fairway.

Select the items – everything from fresh produce to beer to cat food – you’d like delivered, specify whether you want an immediate express delivery in under an hour or schedule a convenient delivery time, and click send. Delivery is cheap, too.

Instacart currently distributes to a whole mess of places, but if your locale isn’t served give them your email anyway so they can notify you when it will be.

Don’t throw a tantrum. Just try Instacart.