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Article • November 11, 2014

Invest Your Pocket Change (and More!)

Acorns is an automatic investment app for iOS, Android, and the web

There’s the jar of pennies on your desk, the loose change in the couch, the coins that fall out in the dryer, the quarters in your cup holders…

After a while, it starts to add up.

Future you will thank us for suggesting Acorns, the super-secure investment app for iOS and Android that takes your spare change and magically turns it into an investment portfolio.

Just connect a credit or debit card and every time you make a purchase, the app rounds up to the nearest dollar and invests the runoff in a diversified portfolio of respected low-cost ETFs that match your risk tolerance. You can also make investments yourself anytime you like.

“But,” you say, “I’m too broke to invest!” False, we say! There are no minimum contributions or commissions, and the service only costs a dollar a month. Plus, Acorns automatically rebalances your funds for a low management fee (.25% – .5% annually).

And there’s your retirement.