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Article • November 13, 2014

Get on the Wi-Fi, No Questions Asked

Instabridge is an Android and iOS app that connects you to the local Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has gone from a cool convenience to something worth bargaining, dancing, robbing, and storm-chasing for.

How did it come to this?

Instabridge says reel it in. This Android app helps you find free Wi-Fi in your area, and even connect to private networks, sans password.

Download Instabridge and it immediately starts searching your area for free Wi-Fi networks. The app highlights popular free connections, like McDonalds, and even maps them so you can bump your signal.

The coolest part of Instabridge, however, is how it helps you access private Wi-Fi you don’t have a password to. Simply find a friend (or generous stranger) who has the app and access to any closed network and use Instabridge to connect.

Even better, once you’re in on one of your devices, you’re in for good. Instabridge syncs across your phones, tablets, and anything else that might have the app, so you’ll stay connected.

It might help you avoid any more awkward moments.