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Article • November 14, 2014

Send Disappearing Messages to Your Friends

Boop lets you send private messages one frame at a time on iOS or Android

Boop (v.) – when a sheep, airplane, renowned scientist, or anything really, gives you a cute little tap to get your attention.

Boop (n.) – an app for the iPhone and Android that gives a friend a cute little tap, in the form of self-destructing, animated emoji texts, to get your attention.

Open the app, create your username, and find your friends. After that, Boop works a little bit like a flipbook: write messages by creating one frame at a time. Once you’re done, it should look a little something like this.

To make sure your message is properly interpreted, Boop expresses the length of your message with a shrinking face that smiles, screams, squints, or says something else.

Boop is fresh-off-the-presses new, so as of now you can only find friends by searching their usernames. In the future, however, they’re hoping to make it possible to connect in more ways.

Which naturally raises the question: Why Yo when you can Boop?