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Article • November 19, 2014

Make Direct Links to Specific Quotes

Qwote is a Chrome extension for bookmarking only the bits you care about

Whether you’re forming an argument or sharing a quote, it’s helpful to be able to cite your sources. Back in the day, that meant locating some reference tome in a library.

In 2014, that means installing Qwote, a chrome extension that takes linking to the next level by providing something crucial: context.

Download Qwote from the Chrome Store and sign in with Google or Twitter. Then, whenever you see a brilliant quote, an important statistic, or an image your Aunt Ruth might like, highlight it and click the Qwote icon in your browser. Qwote creates a unique URL that will take Ruth right there.

All Qwotes are stored in your profile, and you can easily grab and share your most recent one straight from your browser.

Qwote is currently beta testing. But they let the trendsetters at Product Hunt skip the line, which means we get in too. Try it here.

Hey, citations – welcome to 2014.