Cast Your Words in Famous Lines - Netted
Article • November 21, 2014

Cast Your Words in Famous Lines

Crumbles app for web and iOS samples a video database to create a message

Some things don’t sound right coming out of certain people’s mouths. Take these sound bites from Richard Nixon, Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney, for example.

Enter Crumbles, the endlessly amusing site that reads whatever words you want from a quilt of notable quotes.

Crumbles pulls from its database of movie, TV, and cartoon clips to make everything from the mundane to the absurd sound hilarious.

For the truly enlightened among us: Yes, there is a Homer Simpson-only soundboard. And yes, you can make him sing “Shake It Off,” admit his real parentage, and extol the world’s greatest food if it pleases you (and how could it not?). They’ve even got a board from the awesome “Bee and PuppyCat.”

Once you’re done creating your message with samples from Young Frankenstein, Wayne’s World, The Matrix, etc., make a link and share it with friends.

We’d wager they won’t quite know what to say.