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Article • November 26, 2014

This Digital Filing Cabinet Does the Organizing for You

FileThis is an iOS, Android, and web app that automatically organizes your receipts, bills, and more

Let’s take a poll: Where’s the best place to store receipts, health insurance forms, bank statements, mortgage statements, phone bills, credit card bills, gas bills, electricity bills, phone bills, cable bills, transaction confirmations, and account summaries?

If you said, “accidentally the trash?” we don’t blame you. Actually, we’ve got a solution: FileThis.

FileThis does something you probably really, really don’t want to: File your loose digital receipts in a brilliantly quiet and organized way.

When you sign up for FileThis, you first choose where you want all your files to end up, like on Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, your desktop (Mac only right now) or even on FileThis’ own server.

Then you tell FileThis where it should pull from – and believe us, the options are almost endless. Register accounts from everything from FedEx to Guitar Center to Goldman Sachs to EZ-Pass, and FileThis will find your files to organize them.

If you said “the file cabinet,” you’re not all wrong.