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Article • December 2, 2014

Let Them Know Why You're Calling

Calltag is a dialer for Android or iOS that adds preemptive messaging

Word on the street is young folks hate voicemail (and they’re not alone). It’s slow, hard to hear, and inefficient in getting the message across.

Here’s a fix: Calltag. This app lets people know what you want ahead of time – or why you called if they miss you.

Like Humin and Callism, Calltag is a dialer your smartphone that tacks on additional tools. Sign up for the app on your iPhone or Android phone and create some premade message templates (e.g., “Hi, it’s Mikey calling about…”). Then, when making a call, add tags to identify what you want.

From there, Calltag prefaces your calls with an informative text message so your recipient knows what’s up. It’s sort of like a souped-up version of caller ID (especially great if you’re calling from a blocked or unfamiliar number). If they don’t answer, no sweat: Everything’s already explained via text.

So leave a message – just not the usual kind.