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Article • December 4, 2014

Send, Share, and Store Files in a Snap

Minbox is a web and OSX app that manages your files in the cloud

Ev Williams, who cofounded a little app called Twitter, road-mapped successful companies like this: “Take a human desire… and use modern technology to take out steps.”

Simple enough, and if he’s right, Minbox is on the road to success. This free file-sharing service (available on the Web, on Macs, and as a Gmail extension) removes virtually all the steps of getting your files from one place to another.

Most file-sharing services are good at creating shared folders, sending files to one person, or providing a cloud drive. They usually can’t do all of the above. But Minbox pulls it off with ease.

Want to send a file to a friend? Drag and drop it to Minbox’s site and off it goes – plus you’re given a link to pass along to anyone else. Minbox can also automatically upload screenshots, save all your sent files in the cloud, and send files right from your desktop.

Consider those extra steps eliminated.