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Article • December 23, 2014

Put a Personal Assistant in Your Pocket

24me for iOS and Android puts all your to-dos and events in one place

Is your calendar as packed as ours? Between birthdays, errands, and Uncle Fred’s “art shows,” you need to schedule time to update your schedule.

Or you could use 24me, a personal assistant app for iOS and Android that combines your calendar, contacts, and accounts to keep you super organized.

Just sync 24me with your utilities, bank accounts, service providers (like Comcast and DirecTV), and social networks and the app starts automatically tracking dates and deadlines that matter to you – like when bills are due, people’s birthdays, and events.

Plus, you can add your own items to your 24me calendar, and annotate dates with details, videos, photos, etc., using the “smart notes” feature.

But 24me doesn’t just keep you organized, it also helps you get everything done by letting you pay bills, send texts, mail gifts, and even hire someone to run your errands through TaskRabbit – all from within the app.

Now scheduling doesn’t have to be so scheduled.