One Step Closer to an Erasable Internet - Netted
Article • January 2, 2015

One Step Closer to an Erasable Internet

Wiper for iOS and Android lets you talk and text privately and erase your history

There’s a lot we wish we could make disappear from the Internet… like that embarrassing high school yearbook picture, for one.

Much as we’d sometimes like to take a giant eraser to the Web, we’ve luckily got the next-best thing: Wiper, a talk and text app for iOS and Android devices that can delete what you’ve regretfully said in the past.

Let’s first talk basics, which are pretty awesome: Wiper is a chat service that lets you text and make free calls, app-to-app. You’ll also enjoy other cool features, like the ability to embed and share YouTube clips right in a message.

But Wiper’s true brilliance is how it protects your privacy. Texts and calls are completely encrypted, and you can delete your history on both sides of the conversation whenever you like. It’ll also notify you when a contact takes a screenshot of your chat to save.

You’re one step closer to the erasable Internet.