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Article • January 9, 2015

An App that Knows What News You Want to See

News Cues crafts a daily newspaper just for you in an iOS, Android, or Amazon app

2014 was a huge year for news. It seemed like you couldn’t keep your eyes on a plummeting Ruble before Cuba opened up.

Sometimes it’s helpful if someone else keeps an eye on the important news. That’s the idea behind News Cues, a breaking news app that finds the stories you want and throws them right on your digital lawn.

News Cues is a sieve that works in two ways: first, it organizes the most important and popular stories into a feed. Second, it pays attention to what stories you read and gradually molds your feed accordingly.

And if you never cared about, say, sports, you can tell News Cues to keep you out of the loop. For those stories you want to stay in said loop about, the app makes reading news fast and easy because each story is both summarized into an informative and easy-to-digest blurb and linked to.

Now you only need to keep your eyes on one thing.