A Private App for Your Private Notes - Netted
Article • January 13, 2015

A Private App for Your Private Notes

Keeply is an iOS app to safeguard your secrets

You locked your diary with a key. You hid it under your bed. You wrote “do not open OR ELSE” on the cover.

And guess what? Your little brother still read the whole thing anyway.

Your private info needs a space that’s as secure as a Brinks truck. For that, there’s Keeply: a little brother-proof, password-protected repository that lives in your iPhone. It’s a special spot for anything you want to keep handy but under wraps.

There’s a “Private Notes” section for your deep secrets, a “Personal Info” bucket for everything from credit card numbers to briefcase combinations, “Pass Book” for your passwords, and a “Photos and Videos” section for everything you don’t want to make TMZ.

And if your nosy brother does attempt to open it, Keeply is booby-trapped to snap a photo of anyone who fails to get the unlock password right.