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Article • January 15, 2015

An App for All Your Apps

Find the right app for the job on Quixey for Android and web

There’s an app for everything. So it’s only sense-making that there should be an app to help you handle your apps.

Quixey is just that. This meta-app for Android phones will find anything you need from or within an app and surface it in a flash. It does everything from identifying the app you need for a specific purpose, to finding data from within an app you’ve already used.

Let’s say you’d like to get in shape, but don’t yet have the drive to shed those pounds yourself. Select the “Apps” tab on Quixey and start describing your problem (“help me lift these heavy weights…”) and it’ll give you the app for the job.

Or flip to the “Device” tab to surface content from anywhere on your phone. Type your friend Jerry’s name and you’ll see his contact info, pertinent texts, upcoming calendar dates, and more.

It’s an app among apps.