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Article • January 16, 2015

Find the Cheapest Car Service

UpHail for iOS and Android gets you the cheapest ride available

Competition is good: It’s given us Lebron vs. Durant. Pepsi vs. Coke. Madonna vs. Gaga (sort of).

It’s also given us Lyft vs. Uber – two really excellent car service apps in a bit of an ugly fight to be the best in their field.

Here to make that fight a little uglier (but prettier for you) is Up Hail – a beautifully simple price-comparison site.

Just tell Up Hail where you are and where you’re going, and it gives you fare quotes for both of the aforementioned services. Sometimes the price differences are negligible, other times they’re significant.

That’s not all Up Hail does to save you cash on your rides: It’ll also tell you if surge pricing is in effect and if there are any active promos you can apply.

Those two can fight all they want. Just as long as you get cheap taxis whenever you need them.