Make Gmail Way Better with One Chrome Extension - Netted
Article • January 29, 2015

Make Gmail Way Better with One Chrome Extension

Mixmax is a Chrome add-on that adds useful tools to Gmail

Attention, Gmail users! Your emails are turning from black and white to color.

Mixmax is a plugin that adds all the features you’ve always wanted Gmail to have (and some you didn’t realize you wanted).

For starters, scheduling meetings becomes insanely easy. Simply select your available times from your calendar. Mixmax embeds them in an email, your contacts click a time that works best, and Mixmax marks up your schedule.

Or say you need to take a quick plebiscite. Use Mixmax to send surveys and polls to friends. They don’t even need the app to vote.

Mixmax also makes email more transparent. It displays rich media from embedded links, like videos, maps, and tweets. And it lets you know when your recipient has opened your message.

Plus, it’s a time-saver: If you find yourself sending the same email over and over, use Mixmax to create easy templates.

All that, and no need to click your heels.