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Article • January 30, 2015

One App to Prove Your Innocence

Prove you were where you said you were with Alibi for Android

As we learned (the hard way) from Serial, it’s helpful to be able to prove where you were, what you said, and whether or not there was a shrimp sale at the Crab Crib.

What you need is an alibi. Specifically, Alibi: an Android app that can prove you were where you were supposed to be, and more.

When you trigger Alibi, it starts recording data. It can ambiently record your location, and the sound and images around you, for as long as an hour.

This might seem like a really efficient way to kill your battery, but it’s not; the app is optimized for power usage. (Note: There’s also a feature to capture video but this does use a bit more battery.)

Once you’ve recorded your environs, Alibi compresses and stores the evidence locally to your phone so it can’t be tampered with.

Let’s leave fewer mysteries unsolved.